The Mission of Follies...

The Fairfield Follies Stage Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and community theatre group for all ages dedicated to the development of high quality dramatic and musical theatre productions. Our objective is to practice professionalism, collaboration and emphasizing individual development to bring high quality theatre productions to the surrounding areas.

The Fairfield Follies Stage Company will serve as a gateway for stage veterans as well as those who have dreamed of performing onstage and expressing their creativity, while young performers will gain vital experience in theatre and nurture their talents. In addition, we hope to collaborate with individuals in all aspects of production including lighting design, sound, set design, set construction, hair, makeup and costumes.

Our purpose is to fill the void of live community theatre in Fairfield, Easton, Trumbull and surrounding towns. The Fairfield Follies Stage Company will be open to performers of all communities.

Stay Tuned